Tarot/Oracle Readings

The Crow Tarot – MJCullinane

Choose a 30 minute to 1 hour reading to answer your questions around relationships, career, finances, or spiritual guidance….


This kind of reading offers a glimpse into your situation (past present future with hidden and revealed influences) and guidance on next steps.


This type of reading provides a gentle form of guidance to help you see hidden influences, and offers spiritual guidance and support.

6 month Ahead

This reading is good for those wanting to see major influences for each month, six months into the future. Cards are read in each ‘house’ to help with decision-making in each area dominated by that house.

Tarot and Oracle readings are for ‘entertainment purposes’ only. Readings are not a substitute for professional counseling or medical treatment/advice. If you suffer from any condition that requires the help and supervision of a qualified health professional, please seek help. However, if you are interested in exploring your spiritual side, venturing into the subconscious and pulling out hidden gems of enlightenment, then a reading may help you do that.

I follow COVID guidelines and prefer to conduct readings online (via Zoom, Facetime, Messenger, etc.) rather than in person.

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