Reading for the Week of January 17th, 2022

Oracle Cards by Maia Toll - Illustrated Bestiary, Crystallary, Herbiary and Wild Wisdom Companion. The Alchemist is the transformer, creator energy that gives purpose to things that lay dormant. The seed requires no coaxing to become the tree, yet without the creative forces that drive life there is no impetus for anything to grow. Love... Continue Reading →

Weekly Three Card Reading – January 9th, 2022

1 2 3 Choose a reading from the image above (either 1, 2, or three), then read the corresponding reading below. Challenges will be overcome The White Buffalo brings hope that balance will be restored and acknowledges the toll the past few years has taken. The Buffalo stands in it's truth, strength and authenticity and... Continue Reading →

Weekly Oracle – January 1, 2022

January 1st reading for the week has never been more appropriate for me and perhaps it will resonate with you as well. The holidays are full of intense emotions, both good and not-so-good and after leaving 2021 behind and there is a sense of tension and simmering fear about what 2022 might hold. Currently, we... Continue Reading →

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