Weekly Three Card Reading – January 9th, 2022

1 2 3

Choose a reading from the image above (either 1, 2, or three), then read the corresponding reading below.

Challenges will be overcome

The White Buffalo brings hope that balance will be restored and acknowledges the toll the past few years has taken. The Buffalo stands in it’s truth, strength and authenticity and is immovable to most challenges. It asks that you remove any sense of needing to be anything other than what and who you are. Remove any masks you feel you must wear to navigate yourself into the future. Your emotional wellbeing is being held together by a thin thread and you are aware of feelings of burnout and overwhelm. Allow your feelings to flow out of you and give yourself permission to have a good cry. You somehow feel responsible for the feelings and wellbeing of everyone and everything, but you need to recognize the toll this takes on you. Allow yourself to release what doesn’t serve you and let go of any emotional attachments you have. Let go of the idea that you need to control what is going on in the world. Have more compassion for yourself and then allow that compassion to extend in small ripples outward. The small things you do will have a greater impact than the large wave you have been trying to create. Realize that your power comes more from who you are rather than what you accomplish. You may feel an urge to help those who cannot help themselves. Make sure your actions are wholehearted.

Freezing, Shattering, Sheltering

This is a time of hibernation, slowing down and being still. The silence that the snowy landscape creates allows you to be alone with your thoughts and to reflect on the past year. This is a time of deep reflection and a chance to touch bases with the ancestral energies and consider the long shadows left on the moonlit snow. Seek out areas of your relationships that deserve consideration and are in need of repair. Doing this now will mean that when the daylight hourse grow longer you will be more fully be able to bask in the light. Part of this deep dive is being willing to dissolve the ego-illusion keeping you embroiled in drama and difficulty. What part are you playing and what masks do you wear? Be ready to accept others views of you and take any opportunity for constructive change. Performing a ruthless self-inventory of your flaws and a kind appraisal of your merits is needed for forgiveness and growth. You are a child of the divine and strong like an oak tree. You will withstand whatever storm comes your way and can only be strengthened by allowing your roots to reach deep down and your branches to open and reach to the sky. Don’t fear if lightning strikes, you will be protected.

Speaking Truth, Fearlessness in the Face of Change.

Take this time to speak from your heart to someone or about an issue that matters most. Allow the real you to be known – others will respect you when you demonstrate respect but you can still own your voice. Keep nothing hidden as now is the time for you to be heard. Don’t allow fear to creep in and silence this opportunity. What you will convey is what your true passion is . Do not worry how others will perceive this and be impervious to those who are critical of you or your plans. Some may fear the things they think will affect them, but you need to believe that you deserve what you need or what your heart desires. You have only one life to live so be ready to convert the potential energy building up inside you and turn it into an energy of action. You are like a coiled spring ready to release and put things in your life in motion. Trust in the wild process that is about to unfold. Remember that mountains are built from explosive, massive and sudden upheaval. The landscape is never the same once they are formed, but it is made more beautiful and while mountains can be a formidable obstacle no one ever attempts to climb a flat plain.

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