Weekly Oracle – January 1, 2022

January 1st reading for the week has never been more appropriate for me and perhaps it will resonate with you as well. The holidays are full of intense emotions, both good and not-so-good and after leaving 2021 behind and there is a sense of tension and simmering fear about what 2022 might hold.
Currently, we are in a 5th wave of the pandemic as the latest variant, Omicron, (which in Greek, means “little o”) takes off at logarithmic speed. Fearmongers of the pandemic will tell you that Omicron means “end-times”, but that would make more sense if the latest variant was named Omegacron. Fear has raised our hackles, has put our nerve-endings on high alert, and has made dealing with others (strange or familiar) particularly difficult. We may love our families dearly, but be unable to connect with them on an easy level given the tension felt worldwide as, yet again, uncertainty dominates the news headlines. Similarly, we may wish our neighbors and fellow shoppers a Merry Christmas, but all the while we feel less than Merry. For me personally, I have struggled with compassion fatigue and burnout and find it hard to focus on self care when so much of my time is spent caring for others. Dividing our time amongst work, family, appointments, gatherings, shopping, housekeeping, childminding, etc.. seems more daunting and exhausting this time of year. Time seems compressed as we head into the end of the year and then begin to release as the start of January officially begins and we can start putting our resolutions down into our day planners as part of our ‘to-do’ and ‘goals’ lists. But as family begins to leave and life and work schedules start to return to normal, we feel the shadow side of a week of celebration and connection with family and friends. Many of us experience a sense of anxiety and fear that comes with the void of no longer having anything or anyone to distract us. We are left alone with our thoughts and the replay of conversations had and things left unsaid and friends or family who were not part of holiday celebrations. We feel separation and losses more acutely when the visitors drift away and we may feel fresh grief for what we thought had already healed. There is also no doubt that this pandemic is wearing us down and we can’t be blamed for heading into a new year wondering what ‘fresh-horror’ awaits. However, the guidance in the cards this week asks us to shed our fears, reflect inwardly and find new ways to embrace the great mystery of life.

A Deep Breath! – Breathing: An activity that all living things do without having to think about it or work actively to make happen, yet breathing is something that can provide immense release from pent-up emotion. When we concentrate on our breath we become present in our body – we feel “the feels” and allow negative emotion to be released with every out-breath. We feel the sensation of life entering and nourishing our body and affirming that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. We release the fear and suddenly have the courage to move forward, one deep breath at a time.

Beautiful Uncaging! – Guilt and Shame can be immobilizing and fear perpetuates the need to stay in a state of guilt and shame. We are invited to step out of this shadow and come into the light of emotional freedom. Releasing fear allows us to make a personal inventory of how we may have been harmed and how we may have harmed others. Fearless inventory of our actions is necessary for moving into more healthy relationships based on appropriate boundaries. Release of Guilt and Same allows for forgiveness to be given and experienced and it allows love to fill the wounded spaces of our heart.

Call of the Muse! – We are a creation…. each of us…a miraculous creation. Life invites us to participate fully and wholeheartedly and to use our gifts to express what is inside each of us. Many don’t believe that they have a creative side, yet, simply journaling your thoughts or dreams is a creative outlet. Follow your intuition and forget the need to be perfect. Allow the energy of life to flow through you and do whatever it is that expresses your thoughts, feelings, emotions in whatever way you want. Allow yourself to shine through and to be a conduit for the divine. Know that you are a microcosm that represents the mystery of the universe. Dance like the stars!

Interesting symbolism – ABC’s in nursing, stand for Airway, Breathing and Circulation – life cannot be maintained if we do not breathe. An open airway allows for Breathing to bring air deep into the lungs where oxygen can enter the bloodstream while the heart pumps blood to all parts of the body. The heart then brings byproducts of respiration and cellular metabolism (CO2 and waste products) back to the lungs to be exhaled out into our atmosphere. When we dance our heartrate and breathing increase to meet the demands of the activity – without breathing and a heartbeat, life ceases.

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