Weekly Oracle- Three Card Reading Dec 5, 2021

Choose a Card (1,2 or 3) for the Reading that you feel might speak to you today. Your reading is below:

Reading #1

Healing of Familial Patterns – Wounds that Heal

As we head into the Christmas/Yule season, we may be feeling the inevitable pull towards the anxiety of family gatherings, navigating crowds, travel, and increased spending. Our anxiety is largely derived from how we integrated generational value systems and the anxiety we perceived in others. Family patterns are needing to be examined and the Babylonian Goddess Gula is offering help. She is the provider of medicine and healing and gives us the strength to heal rifts with others, but first, she guides us to examine our stories and engage in self-care. We run the risk of running on empty with all the busyness and expectation of the season. We must remember that an empty vessel can pour no wine! White Raven encourages us that the ancestors are close, sending you loving and encouraging messages, so keep an open mind and watch for synchronicities and signs of magic. Amber is the fossilized sap of a tree, and while not a true crystal is a healer in its own right as it represents the releasing of Karma and negative familial patterns, while honoring your “family tree” and the lessons that they teach.

Reading #2

Emotion can be a Heavy Cleanser

Water is an element associated with emotion and the Goddess Mama Qocha is a compassionate guardian of the life-sustaining energy of water. Without water, humans can only live a matter of a few days and a human without emotions is a pathological creature. Why then, do we resist the feeling and expression of emotions? Imbalance in our emotional state can lead to physical and mental illnesses and affects our relationships with others. Yet, we are just now, as a society, exploring and understanding the depth of human emotion and its value as a dimension of intelligence. During this difficult time in human history, we are at an especially high risk of feeling overwhelmed, burned out, and broken down. More and more people are discovering their sensitivity to the energies coming in from the galactic center, from earth changes and weather events. Mama Qocha wants us to allow those energies to wash over us, to cleanse us, and to allow our emotions to flow where they need to. Step away from anything negative including the news, social networks, and television entertainment. Anything that doesn’t fill you up, doesn’t serve you, needs to be discarded for now. Buffalo Spirit encourages you to have faith in the Universe, that by letting go and letting ‘god’, all things will show up for you when you need them. Believe in the abundance of the universe and you will receive it. Pink Sapphire is here to soothe your heart so it can be open to love, forgiveness and compassion. Receiving these for yourself enables you to give them to others, so allow yourself to heal so you may be a healer.

Compassion is the Gift you Give Yourself

The spirit of the season is all about Compassion. From Compassion, comes the outward gifts of Kindness, Charity and Love. Compassion is a feeling that manifests and builds and sustains. Without compassion we can do nothing for our fellow man. The message of Kuan Yin has for us is to cultivate compassion, first towards ourselves, and then towards others. There should be an intense, loving and understanding feeling for all we have endured and suffered, but this should also be tempered with a sense of responsibility in knowing that from here, we now control the direction our lives take. Responsibility is not about blaming ourselves, but in standing in our experience and being fully present and accepting. It is acknowledging that all our experiences and decisions have led us to the moments we find ourselves in. It is the sense of I AM (All that I experience, All that I Create, All that I Do, All that I Feel) and the profound love for yourself as a loving parent has for their child. This is Compassion. Dragonfly Spirit reminds us that life is fleeting and is not ‘real’. Reality is the totality of our eternal existence and is not what we eat, our job, what we drive, where we live, or how much money we have. Dragonfly reminds us that we are spirit/consciousness confined to 3Dimensional existence; a dream-state we must wake from in order to serve our higher purpose. Orange Sapphire guides us to practice mindfulness, to center ourselves in our body and to care for our body (which is between 79-86% water) which is wired to receive sensory inputs. Caring for your body ensures that the sensory information received from the 3D world is processed in equally healthy ways. Joy and Pleasure are gifts that the body can give us that can help elevate us mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Be accepting of those opportunities to experience these positive feelings and let go of negative body concepts that keep you from cultivating self-compassion.

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