Weekly Oracle – November 28th, 2021

Posted on  by Heather

How to get your Oracle for the week:

View the image below and choose Message 1, 2 or 3 and then read the three-card reading associated with the number you chose.


Energized Patience

You feel ready and raring to go (you’re maybe even a bit anxious) in some area of your life right now. Arianrhod guides you to understand that time is on your side despite the enthusiastic energy (Electric Eel) you feel to manifest thoughts and ideas immediately into reality. The Goddess asks that you channel the potentially impulsive nervous energy of Electric Eel, into ‘burning’ activities like exercise, decluttering, cleaning, etc. Meditate or go for a relaxing walk to cultivate energy alignment so all is flowing to where it should. Do activities that regenerate and maintain a positive energy reserve. Your plans will go forward well when your material resources (Petrified Wood), be they physical, financial, human or emotional are sufficient that you have enough left over to sustain YOU! Extend your energetic input not in one big burst, but across time so that you are left feeling burnt out. This may be a week where you do nothing but be a hermit with a book and a nice cup of tea (figuratively or literally speaking!).

Message #2 Step Back See the Big Picture.

You may be frustrated with some aspect of your life, a relationship, work or financial situation where you feel like your efforts have resulted in very little reward. Realize that perhaps you need to stop trying to hit the mark with a sledgehammer and take a break so you can regroup and refocus to a finer point. Artemis reminds you that you cant hit your target if your eyes are blurry from fatigue, stress, overthinking and trying to keep all the fires going at once. Examine your thinking around an issue that seems blocked and realize that you may be limiting yourself to one possibility or viewpoint. Dolphin Spirit playfully reminds you that some or all of what you think you know might be true. Know that reality is what you make it, and truth is relative and subjective, so pull back so you can see all possibilities at once. Petalite asks us to look at how rigid and immovable we may have become; to stop taking ourselves so seriously and to detach ourselves from outcome. When you stop trying to control how things turn out, you might get exactly what you needed which might be a million times better than what you wanted.

Message #3 Let Go of Fear – You Got This

Somehow you have gotten your thinking into a knot and are held captive by negative thought patterns that keep you from reaching your goals. Let Aine remind you that you are capable, intelligent and adaptable and can change with the shifting environment around you. Don’t let fear keep your feet planted firmly on the ground when all you want to do is fly (Eagle Spirit). Don’t let others’ thoughts or opinions of you keep you from doing what you need or want to do! Remember your past ‘failures’ are teaching moments giving you instinct and intuition enough to navigate any air turbulence that comes your way. Remember though that in order to leap fully into the unknown you will need to take care of the vehicle you ride around in, respect the needs and boundaries of your body/mind/spirit so it can fully experience and adapt to everything that comes your way. Show yourself some love and self-care and contemplate doing some work in the area of forgiveness (particularly self-forgiveness). A healthy relationship with yourself is the jumping off point for healthy relationships with ‘other’ (friends, family, food, finances). Trust in this process that only wants the best for a feathery, fearless, fierce and loveable you!


*The above readings are intended to be for educational and entertainment purposes only and do not constitute any kind of professional medical or psychological advice. If you are in need of help, please reach out to your local mental health agency or call 9-1-1.

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