Wisdom of the Tarot

Step into the Wild Unknown

We are all THE FOOL…..

Appearing ready to head out on this new adventure, the fool is dressed for success. She has the tools necessary to manage the rough terrain, the stars of fortune aligned just right and the good omen of a white rabbit to herald that first step.
…and yet…
She has been blindfolded…or has She blindfolded herself? So as to not see the vast (and perhaps terrifying) landscape ahead of her? She could be the hero of her own quest if She would only reach up and unbind her eyes. Would She still forge ahead, or recognize the futility of what lies in front of her? Is her delusional imagination behind eyes firmly shut, the only thing that will propel her cautiously forward? Or does she suspect that the reality is just too daunting to bear?
How will She know what she is truly capable of unless she takes the blinder off? Would her authentic self shine through, digging deep into the recesses of her heart and mind for the kind of strength unimagined by her before, and a new voice in her head saying, “You can do this!”. Yes, the Fool is now miraculously transformed into the Wise One, bringing Heaven down to Earth. She is now a woman of renown, having accomplished what others failed to do, she has earned respect, status and most importantly, love.
The most terrifying action yet to be completed is to raise her arm and rend the veil…only her ego, telling her stories of others who have failed before her, holds her back from that long and painful reach. An ego that needs her to stumble blindly…to trip and fall and perhaps even die, so that the EGO can whisper softly…”I told you so, you fool”.


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